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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


So, several months after I officially bought my first filofax, I finally got her in the mail.


Can´t even believe when I look at her that she´s actually here.


Anyhow, it was lost by the post office for a looooooooooooong time, and I had really just given up on her. Then, out of the blue, she was at my door step! Yippie!!!

So, now that I have her....guess what?

I´m completely blank. HELP!

I´m all like: "what did I want this for really?" 

Truth is, I´m not much of a planner. Everything in my life is more intuition driven then anything else.

But, I recognize I need to change my ways, specially if I want my finances in order. 

I did get DIY FISH inserts, but I don´t really know what to do with them. 

I see a lot of people meal planning - but I don´t cook during the week, I see others writing down all these kids activities - which mine don´t have, appointments with doctors and whatnot - which we rarely go to, only 1 or 2x a year, so basically I´m thinkin I got it for nothing and feeling really over whelmed.

I´m a teacher, and I´ve been searching for ways to use it for that, but it´s still really confusing for me. I´m being led to think my life isn´t active enought for her system maybe? I don´t know. I´m not loosing hope though.

I did set it up o hold everything together, but then I noticed I was only using the daily inserts 2x a week: monday and wednesday, the 2 days where I have to give homework and stuff.

The one thing I am loving are the dividers I made! UNICORNS!!!!

Matched perfectly with the lovely color.

Anyway, if anyone wants to comment, please feel free to, I´m SO open to sugestions.

Thanks for following, talk to you later!


  1. When I first got my planner I sat down and listed all the things I needed to know when out and about - shopping lists, clothes sizes or shoe sizes for the family, books I was looking for, things for projects I might need, directions or account cards, coupons etc. I then wrote down my usual schedule, and what errands I had to do through the week. By getting it down on paper I could see where I had time to fit errands together, ie that I could fit in the weekly shop less freezer items on the way to work one day after dropping off kids at school. This cut down on mileage and made me less stressed as I knew where the time was for these errands and also which days I would have to have food pre prepped before dashing out to activities. A lot less stress with a filofax I find!

    1. I took a leap. I thought it would be more practical to have work and personal in just one place. I was wrong. Now that I have two filos and have set 1 up for each thing, I´m not that overwhelmed anymore. I´m focusing on appointments and finances in one, and the other is for teaching, keeping the calendars together for the 3 schools I teach at is a must. It´s in a personal, so I keep behaviour coments, a miniature layout of lesson plans, calendar from DIY fish which is perfect for the task, a projects section, classroom mapping and now I feel sooo much more at peace. I will however need to really sit down as you said and figure out the details cause I run around alot between schools and loose alot of time in traffic, so I think I need to start being more productive wherever I can. Thanks so much for the suggestions and for reading the blog! :)