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Sunday, May 4, 2014


What's up, folks?

As promissed, I'm back!

This time I'm here to talk about what could well be any filofaxers complete and utter financial decay:


Just wanted to say that if you´ve done your research and thought your average FILO was expensive.... PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

I don´t have the kind of money to foot the bill for one of these, but dream is to live, right? Who knows, maybe someday I´ll be rich enough to afford them (or will be able to work 72 hours a day to pay for them, whatever comes first).

The first designer brand I fell for was Kate Spade. But, of course I had to fall for the one which you can´t find anywhere and has a price that sky rockets on ebay. Maybe one day the right price will show up, who knows.

Kate Spade, if you don´t already know her, is a really famous designer. Everything she makes is incredible, from shoes, bags and clothes to, of course, her planners! Take a peek!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -------->   PS: This is my unicorn. Almost had it but of course someone out bid me! :(

Those are just a few of the models Kate Spade offers. The one thing I do have to complain about these planners is that they only come in 2 sizes (someone correct me if I´m wrong). The sizes being: pocket and personal. That means I could never use it to show off  at work. Darn it!

One of the things that draws my attention are the reviews that the paper in these planners get. I´ve seen many people saying the quality is superb and even superior to Filofax paper. Actually, most of the inserts I see around (non-decorated), are just plane BLAH! But getting your inserts all cute and dandy by decorating or making your own design is a matter for future posts.

Another dream planner, simply because there´s no denying the status you get with Louis Vuitton (I´m a capitalist and a consumist, sue me!), would be the LV. So here it is! I think they´re very cute, but not really my design type. The monogram is sooooo yesterday....

There are other designs, but basically that´s the layout: buttoned or zipped.

Ok, so as if hopelessly dreaming with those weren´t enough.... I found out about Gillio planners. They are pretty and everything, but didn´t give me those butterflies in the stomach like the much more down to Earth priced Kate Spade. And believe me, it is very down to Earth when compared, I just don´t have the money for it.

Since we´ve been escalating upwards since the beginning of the post in terms of price, let´s pick it up a notch, shall we?

Ok. Now, take the Mr. Miyagi route.

Don´t get startled! Instructions are pretty easy.

  1. Envision a happy place where you´re loaded with money and can buy anything you want.
  2. Stay there forever so you don´t land flat on your face when we talk about the prices of the following items

If you´re a cardiac, pop that pill right now, before the jump! (scroll down, you´ll know when you´re at the right place LOL)

Told you to take those meds and think happy thoughts! That photo is nothing next to te frustration of these prices. Stay with me on this one!

Here´s a croc skin planner. Legit too! All you need are $650 USD for this one. A bargain, don´t you think?

I saw one on ebay just now, couldn´t believe the price tag! $1000,00 smackers!

Due to the prices, I hereby declare these planners as banned from my life until a future incarnation.... And that´s that.

Last, but now least, I´d like to talk about a much more realistically priced planner. And the reason I believe it be a luxurious is because of two words that can make a HUGE difference:

                                                          CUSTOMER SERVICE!

For me, that prize goes to the KIKKI K planners.

Each and every planner comes in a cute box, enroled in tissue paper, and is thought out with extreme detail.

On top of that, you get a really nice card thanking you for choosing them!

Just between us - after all we don´t want too many people knowing this great secret - sometimes they even through in FREE PRODUCTS!!!!!

De luxo mesmo pra mim, considero esses dois. Ai que delicia deve ser ter um! Ainda chego la :)

Ia esquecendo de falar sobre a KIKKI K. Essas 2  acima são de designers, outro nível, mas a KIKKI K tb se enquadra no quesito luxo pra mim. Isso porque, são produtos entregues com todo primor. Tudo neles é detalhadamente pensado.

Models, oh the models! Just look and drool! Aren´t they the cutes! Onde of the most colorful and printed too!

Feel like buying one right now (please don´t let my credit card work!!!!!).

This last pic is of one of the most classic models, very coveted after. Guess you can see why, huh?

 So those are my choice for luxury planners. If you have any others you would like to see on the list, please comment and tell me why.

See you next post!


In case you´re not shy of the prices, here are some links for you. Good shopping!
          KIKKI K


          KATE SPADE



See you next post!

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