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Saturday, June 14, 2014


She´s here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, unfortunately, it´s not a true filofax, but being caught between bankrupcy, desperation for organization and the lack of agendas with 6 rings where I live, I opted to buy through ALI EXPRESS.

The only problem with these orders, be it Ali or EBAY, is that OMG!!!!!!! They take an eternity to get here!!! I never thought it would take this long! But anyway, It´s finally here, and thank God for that, because I was almost giving up on this agenda world.

Almost a four month wait, and in my anxiety, I did something silly. I went on MERCADO LIVRE, the equivalent to a Brazilian EBAY, and found a planner on sale from plan ahead. Or so they said it was. I´d been looking for a long time, never found one, so I snatched it and had it delivered express.

 To my horror, it was black, which I absolutely HATE! But basically there was no other choice in sight, so what the heck.

Then, life being ironic as it is, on the day I got that delivery, I got another delivery with it. Guess what is was??

You got it! My planner from ali express!

So now I have 2 of them, but the black one I dislike so much, I´ll probably never use.

So this is China! And yes, I named her. If you think that´s weird, you know nothing about the planner world and how attached you end up being to these little bundle of appointments!

This is my beauty!
And to think I almost didn´t order it in pink. What was I thinking?! She´s absolutely gorgeous!

No package to show here because that was pretty plain and simple. Besides, I was so excited I just tore it open not even thinking about taking a pic.

Obviously, I adore pink, despite being too old for that according to some people (you know who you are).

This is the first page, dedicated to personal information. Of course the use is optional, but I intend to use it.

This is the yearly calendar for 2014. I wasn´t going to complain, but since it´s just between you, the entire internet and me, I´m gonna ask a question: don´t you think it should have come with a 2015 calendar as well?

Inside; lined paper. These are in a Day on 1 Page format I guess?

I find them pretty practical. You can use them as a diary, weekly event planner, shopping list, you name it!

This is the inside cover on the right side. You can put in 2 credit cards and the rectangle there is see through, so I think family pics are most definitely in order. There´s also this side pouch, or whatever you call it. I used it for bills to be paid already, but now I´m thing about putting some post its in there.

The other inside cover, on the left side, is pretty plain. There aren´t any pockets as filofaxes have or redfax, but the price was marvelous!

And it does come with a pen holder.

Behold my planner with FREE SHIPPING  and a price tag UNDER 20 DOLLARS!

the strap is HUGE! Which means you can really stuff this little thing, and the closing is with a metal lock of some sorts, so it´s pretty secure.

As soon as I got it, I thought the pages weren´t personal size. Yeah, I know I have a post all about page size, but silly me got confused and I was desperate when I mistakenly thought that.

Thank God I realized they were personal sized pages!

From then on, the transformation began.

As said before, the magic of these planners is allowing you to set up your own system. Inserts, tabs, dividers, pouches, the way you like it.

It´s your messing with it that´s gonna make it perfect!

Next post will be all about making my baby mine.

Hope to see you then!

Ps: the ali express link will take you straight to the seller of the agenda for those who are interested. They have a beautiful sky blue one too!



  1. I live in Suriname, so I feel your pain!!

  2. Suriname?! Interesting! Let's stay in touch! Maybe we can help each other out! :)

  3. Hi there! I'm having first time filo buying anxiety, so I liked this post...I find so many of them so expensive, so I like the thought of maybe going 'all in' on a cheap one to start with. Would you suggest that route, even with the long wait from China? How long did you actually wait? And, are you still loving the pink? I'm a pink girl, so I would love that, too, I think! Any suggestions/thoughts/tips/tricks are appreciated!

    1. Hi Linzi! I think the looooong wait only applies to Brazil because our customs system is so slow, not to mention the mail, that they take up to 60 days just to get a package through customs. They actually take longer then that, but 60 days it what´s legally acceptable. Mine, as you can see through the link, was not expensive at all. The pages are personal size, but the size of the binder are actually a bit smaller then a personal filofax (I think). As I said, I though I´d get tired of the pink. Actually, I was worried about not giving a very professional impression. But instead. I am absolutely loving it! And so is everyone that sees it :) Another question I had in mind was "how am I to use personal size? Will it be too small for me?". For some things it is too small, but after getting this one I finally noticed that I can fit a lot of things into a personal, and leave an A5 exclusively for my students. Don´t know yet. It´s working great for great that I went ahead and bought an official filofax osterley (used but brand new to me), and it´s on it´s way! YEY! More posts soon! Hope you keep reading!