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Sunday, June 15, 2014


So...this was me before having any kind of organization in my life!

Yep. Not that I´m much better off, because I´ve just started the process, but seeing a light at the end of the tunnel all ready gives me some kind of inner peace.

I don´t know what it is with us woman, but generally spealing, I think planners remind us of adolescence

When we turned 18, we all of a sudden decided we were way to "mature" for some things, and people (whether family or not) agreed with us and gave us that assurance.

One of those things would be decorating your diary. You have not had an adolescence if you haven´t filled at least one page with cutouts from magazines and drawings that represent that place, song, feeling or someone who you stupidly thought was special.

Now we´re all grown up. In fact, there is little time to be "filosofical" about life as we were back then.

What you have in your diary, or in an adult term, PLANNER is different. Meetings, things to do, things to buy, childrens errands, husbands reminders, amongst other responsabilities, will now be your basic text.

But isn´t life easier when taken on light heartedly?

Well, I decided that I will decorate my planner. Why not? The secret to staying young is keeping your joviality, right? Right! So at least when I open up my planner I´ll have something beautiful and fun to look at instead of just seing a plain piece of paper with regular pen writing all over it.

Thinking of that, I began the process.

First thing to do was to decide what practical things I wanted to include in my planner.

My failed financial life came to mind, of course, as the first. Then came my kids, who have weekly testings and I need to be able to know what they´re seeing in school in order to help. third place came work and my own appointments.

This last is probably the most important because I work at 3 different schools. Each has it´s own methos, proceedures, students, grades, classes, resources, meetings, ideas.....sheesh! Made my tired just typing it!


Therefore, it´s evident to my I need to be on top of things ASAP. Something I haven´t been coping with doing the last semester.

Having decided what I wanted in the planner, I began to think of tabs. I found TONS of them on etsy, but of course if you live in Brazil, you have a BIG PROBLEM CALLED CUSTOMS. Most order, even the cheapest dollar ones can take up to 4 months to reach your house.

So I went to one of my favorite local stores. But, as all stores here, there biggest mistake is not having a lot of variety.

So here I am lost on the second floor, which is miniscule and is supposed to be scrap book dedicated, and I ran into the cutest paper!!!!

All of a sudden: WHAM! The thought came to me that I could make my own! Yes sir!

The result of that were the four dividers I needed and that I think came out pretty darn good and cute! And the colors match the planner completely :)

I actually messed up the order on the 3rd and 4th. It was supposed to be:


But all is well when it ends well and I´m using them anyway.

Well...if you followed my last post, which was all about China, the planner, you know that all she came with was lined paper.

In order to actually start putting my idea to work, I would need more then that.

I am a woman on a mission, so I went over to the PC and started making my own inserts.

I used Microsoft PUBLISHER, because I just love it´s practicity. It´s a lot better then word for these sorts of things.

Ironically I can´t get myself to make my tests on publisher, though. Each to it´s own, I guess.


  1. Monthly calendars that go from June to December of this year, all in the following format:

      2.      week on 2 pages or WO2P. These I do by hand using the lined paper that came with her.


                 3   My daily schedule:

                            4.     Last but not least, my hyperdex. This one I made myself as well. If you don´t know this system yet, you should, and will. In a future post we´ll be having a guest blogger, Carla Gondim, that will explain all the bits and pieces to you!

  1. A payment calendar. Actually, is was the same calendar I made for the agenda, but of course, instead of appointments, I´ll have my bills on it.
  2. Monthly payment list with 3 payment methods to check on it: credit card, debit from ckecking account and wallet.
  3. A daily expenditure table to controle what you spend, in this case me, and where from

After a full day and night without being able to sleep because I was agonizing over this organization thing, I still have my work and my sons section to get to.

And here´s my favorite part! Decorations!!!! I decided to do the decorations on my WO2P, so here are the 2 weeks I have so far:

And now I´m giving it a brake cause I have to buy some ink for my printer. Got that silly warning we all know too well:

For now, I´ll leave you all with the video of my progress: XOXOXOXO

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